JSI Tip 8256. A Novell NetWare client cannot log on a Windows Server 2003 Services for NetWare 5.02 computer with a blank password?

You must have a valid non-blank password to log on from a Novell NetWare client to a Windows Server 2003 computer that is running Services for NetWare 5.02.

To log on to the Windows Server 2003 computer, set a valid password on the Novell NetWare Server:

1. Log on to a Windows 2000, or Windows XP, computer that is running Novell NetWare Client 4.90 Service Pack 1a.

2. In Control Panel, open User and Passwords.

3. Select the Users tab.

4. Select your User Name.

5. Press Set password in the Password for Your User Name area.

6. On the Change Password for Novell NetWare window, type a new password into the New Password box, leaving the Old Password box empty.

7. Type the new password into the Confirm new password box.

8. Press OK.

You should now be able to log on to the Windows Server 2003 Services for NetWare 5.02 computer.

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