JSI Tip 8248. You receive an access violation when you run DNSLint to query a BIND-based DNS server from Windows Server 2003?

When you use the DNSLint tool to send a DNS query to a BIND-based DNS server that is in a network that is also running Windows Server 2003 DNS, you receive an access violation in response to the DNS query from the BIND-based DNS server.

This issue will occur if the DNS query response from the BIND-based DNS server contains data in a format that is not recognized by the DNSLint tool.

To fix this problem, download the latest version of DNSLint tool.

For additional information about DNS deployment in Windows, see:


NOTE: See How do I use DNSLint to troubleshoot Active Directory replication issues?

NOTE: See WebCast: Using the DNSLint Utility.

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