JSI Tip 8179. When you attempt to install an update from Windows Update, on Windows Server 2003, you receive 'The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid'?

When you install the Windows Update object, Windows Server 2003 reports:

The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid. Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid Product Key. You may also contact Microsoft Corporation's Anti-Piracy Team by emailing [email protected] if you think you have purchased pirated Microsoft software. Please be assured that any personal information you send to the Microsoft Anti-Piracy Team will be kept in strict confidence.

The product ID matches one of the following, where n is any numeric value, which Microsoft has determined to be invalid:


To resolve this problem:

1. Right-click My Computer and press Properties.

2. Write down the Product ID that appears on the General tab, under Registered to.

3. Press OK.

If the Product ID matches one of the above you may have been victimized by a software pirate. Visit http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/reporting/default.asp.

If you have a valid license and valid media, perform a clean install of Windows Server 2003 on the computer that received the subject message. The media quality, and license, that you you originally used is unknown and may cause further problems.

NOTE: See How do I change a Windows XP pirated key to my legal corporate or retail key?

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