JSI Tip 7978. How do I use Automated System Recovery to recover from a Windows Server 2003 system failure?

Before you can use the Automated System Recovery procedure, you must have the following items available:

   - The ASR floppy disk.

   - The ASR backup media.

   - The Windows Server 2003 operating system CD-ROM.

   - Any 3rd-party disk driver, on a floppy disk.

To begin the Automated System Recovery:

1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 operating system CD-ROM into your primary CD-ROM drive.

2. Restart your computer and press any key to boot from the CD-ROM when prompted.

3. If you have a 3rd-party disk driver on a floppy disk, press F6 when prompted.

4. When prompted during the text-mode Setup, press F2 to invoke ASR and receive a prompt to insert the ASR floppy disk.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

6. When the system reboots, you will need to press F6 if you have a 3rd-party disk driver on a floppy disk.

NOTE: If all nodes of a server cluster fail, and the quorum disk cannot be restored from a backup, use ASR on every node in the original cluster to restore the partition layout and disk signatures of all the quorum and non-quorum disks.

NOTE See You cannot use ASR to perform an authoritative primary restore on the first Windows Server 2003 domain controller in a domain?

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