JSI Tip 7725. How do I configure NAT (Network Address Translation) in Windows Server 2003?

NAT allows you to share the server's internet connection with your network clients. It keeps track of IP addresses and port numbers for all packets routed between the private network and the Internet, so it can service client requests.

To implement NAT on your server, it must have a least two (2) network interfaces, and be configured to use TCP/IP:

1. If you use a dial-up device to connect to the Internet, make sure it is installed before proceeding.

2. Open Routing and Remote Access from the Administrative Tools folder.

3. Right-click your server and press Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.

4. Press Next.

5. Select Network address translation (NAT) and select the network adapater that you use to connect to the Internet.

6. Check the Enable security on the selected interface by setting up Basic Firewall box.

7. When you are comfortable with your selections, press Finish.

For additional information, see:

How to configure Network Address Translation in Windows Server 2003.

HOW TO: Configure a NAT server in Windows Server 2003.

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