JSI Tip 7518. What services are turned off by default in Windows Server 2003, and how does this compare with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional?

   Service    Display Name    Win 2000    Win XP    Win 2003
   Alerter    Alerter    Automatic    Manual    Disabled
   ClipSrv    ClipBook    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   TrkSrv    Distributed Link Tracking Server    Manual    NA    Disabled
   ImapiService    IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   SharedAccess    Internet Connection Firewall and Sharing    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   Messenger    Messenger    Automatic    Automatic    Disabled
   Mnmsrvc    NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   NetDDEdsdm    Network DDE DSDM    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   NetDDE    Network DDE    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   RemoteRegistry    Remote Registry    Automatic    Automatic    Disabled
   TlntSvr    Telnet    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   Tssdis    Terminal Services Session Directory    Manual    NA    Disabled
   Themes    Themes    NA    Automatic    Disabled
   WebClient    Web Client    NA    Automatic    Disabled
   AudioSrv    Windows Audio    NA    Automatic    Disabled
   Stisvc    Windows Image Acquisition    Manual    Manual    Disabled
   IISAdmin    IIS Admin    Automatic    Not Installed    Not Installed
   SMTPSVC    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol    Automatic    NA    Not Installed
   W3SVC    World Wide Web Publishing    Automatic    Not Installed    Not Installed

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