JSI Tip 7413. When you convert BASIC disks to DYNAMIC disks in Windows Server 2003, the process may take a long time, and the Disk Management MMC may hang?

The conversion may take a few minutes per device.

The conversion process in Windows Server 2003 is serial, whereas Windows 2000 did it in parallel.

If the MMC hangs, restart it when you think the conversion is finished.

NOTE: The Virtual Disk Service, introduced in Windows Server 2003, requires serial operation.

If the VDS is logging, turn it off:

1. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:


2. If the DebugLog Value Name exists here, or in a subkey, delete the Value Name.

3. Close the Registry Editor.

4. Open a CMD prompt and type:

net stop VDS
net start VDS

NOTE: See White Paper: Technical Overview of Windows Server 2003 File Services.

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