JSI Tip 7256. How do I set up and share a network-interface print device in Windows Server 2003?

To set up a printer that connects to a network-interface print device:

01. Log on to Windows Server 2003 with administrative privileges.

02. Start / Printers and Faxes / Add Printer.

03. Press Next in the Add Printer Wizard.

04. Select Local printer attached to this computer.

05. Clear the Automatically Detect and Install my Plug and Play Printer box.

06. Press Next.

07. Press Create a New Port.

08. Press Standard TCP/IP Port.

09. Press Next.

10. Press Next in the Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard.

11. Type the IP address, or the DNS name, of the network-interface print device. If you type an IP address, Windows will automatically supply a suggested port name for the print device.

12. Press Next.

13. Press Finish.

14. Select the manufacturer and model of the printer on the Install Printer Software dialog.

15. Press Next.

16. Type a name for the printer and press Next.

17. Select Do not share this printer and press Next.

18. Type a location and comment, and press Next.

19. Press Next.

20. Press Finish.

NOTE: If the File Needed dialog is displayed, insert the Windows Server 2003 CD, wait until the activity stops (15 seconds), and press OK.

To share the printer:

01. Start / Printers and Faxes.

02. Right-click the printer and press Properties.

03. Press Sharing.

04. Press Share this printer.

05. Press OK.

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