JSI Tip 7099. How do I configure IPSec on an Exchange Server 2003 back-end server that is running on a Windows Server 2003 Server cluster?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 821839 contains the following summary:

This article discusses the use of Internet Protocol security (IPSec) on Exchange 2003 back-end servers that are running on a Windows Server 2003-based server cluster.

Microsoft supports Exchange 2003 running on Windows Server 2003-based computers and using IPSec transport mode Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) to encrypt communication with clustered Exchange 2003 servers that use Network Load Balancing clusters or server clusters. When you use IPSec between front-end servers and back-end servers, failover times depend on Exchange 2003 recovery time plus the time it takes for IPSec to renegotiate security associations during the failover process.

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