JSI Tip 7031. A Windows Server 2003 cluster node does NOT fail over after you change the Cluster service account?

When you change the Cluster service account, a cluster node does not fail over successfully, and you do NOT receive an error message.

This behavior will occur if you failed to update the DNS record of the cluster after changing the Cluster service account. During fail over, the Cluster service is denied access to modify the DNS record because the new account is NOT in the ACL.

To fix this problem:

01. Log on to the DNS server.

02. Start / Run / dnsmgmt.msc / OK.

03. Under the DNS server object that contains the cluster host (A) record, expand Forward Lookup Zones.

04. Select the forward lookup zone that contains the cluster host record.

05. Right-click the cluster host record in the right-hand pane and press Delete.

06. Press Yes to confirm.

07. Right-click the DNS zone and press Properties.

08. On the General tab, insure that the Secure only is selected for Dynamic updates.

09. Press OK and exit the DNS utility.

10. On the cluster node, Start / Run / services.msc / OK.

11. In the Services (Local) list, right-click Cluster Service and press Restart.

12. Log on to the DNS server and confirm that the host record for the cluster has been created.

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