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JSI Tip 6760. What network adapters are supported by the Windows Server 2003 Remote Boot Floppy component of RIS?

The Remote Boot Floppy version 2, build 17 utility (Rbfg.exe), a component of the Windows Server 2003 Remote Installation Services (RIS) server, supports the following network adapters:

NOTE: The Family reference indicates that unless otherwise specified, the Rbfg.exe tool supports all the network adapters in the model series.

NOTE: If you start Rbfg.exe and press the Adapter List button, the supported PCI adapters are displayed.

3Com 3c90x Family
3Com 3c90xB Family 
3Com MiniPCI
Accton MPX5030
Allied Telesyn 2500TX
AMD PCnet Adapters
Compaq NetFlex Family
Intel Pro Family, except the mini PCI members of this family.
RealTek RTL8029
RealTek RTL8139
SMC 1211 TX EZCard 10/100
SMC 8432 EtherPower 10
SMC 9332 EtherPower 10/100
SMC 9432 EtherPower II 10/100

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