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JSI Tip 6648. Event log entries in your mixed Windows 2000 / Windows Server 2003 cluster appear to be incomplete?

When you view the Event log entries from a mixed cluster on the Windows 2000 Server node, information appears to be missing, as in:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ClusSvc
Event Category: Object Mgr
Event ID: 1069
Description: Cluster resource <A Resource> in Resource Group '%2' failed.

You would expect  '%2' to display a group name.

The Cluster Service replicates Event log entries to all nodes in the cluster. If the Windows Server 2003 node generated the entry, it will contain 2 arguments. Since Windows 2000 Server only uses 1 argument, it doesn't know what to display.

To workaround this behavior, view the Event log entry on the Windows Server 2003 node.

NOTE: See Event Log Replication on Cluster Node Generates Event ID 1137

NOTE: See Viewing Saved FRS, DNS and Directory Service Event Logs

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