JSI Tip 10361. When Fnprinters.exe is run a Windows Server 2003 R2, it does not detect and add network printers, and printer time-outs may occur?

When you run Fnprinters.exe to automatically detect and add network printers to the local print server, it does not detect and add network printers, and printer time-outs occur.

NOTE: You may have to run Fnprinters.exe more than once to get it to detect network printers.

This issue occurs on networks where IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) is applied locally to domain computers, or if IPSec is applied via Group Policy.

To workaround this issue, either turn off IPSec (not recommended) or turn on IPSec filtering for SNMP traffic and increase the default values of MaxProbeCount, SnmpTimeout, and SnmpRetry at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\\{8FADC6A8-183E-4DFC-944A-84A323334B98\}.

MaxProbeCount is the maximum number of concurrent outgoing probe requests, which defaults to 256.

SnmpTimeout is the number of seconds before an outgoing SNMP request times out, which defaults to 30.

SnmpRetry is the number of times to retry sending an SNMP request before giving up, which defaults to 1.

To modify these data values, Open a CMD.EXE window and run the following commands:

REG ADD HKCR\CLSID\\{8FADC6A8-183E-4DFC-944A-84A323334B98\} /V MaxProbeCount /T REG_DWORD /F /D < New Value of MaxProbeCount>
REG ADD HKCR\CLSID\\{8FADC6A8-183E-4DFC-944A-84A323334B98\} /V SnmpTimeout /T REG_DWORD /F /D < New Value of SnmpTimeout>
REG ADD HKCR\CLSID\\{8FADC6A8-183E-4DFC-944A-84A323334B98\} /V SnmpRetry /T REG_DWORD /F /D < New Value of SnmpRetry>

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