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Issue in Windows 10 Build 10130 prevents detection of new preview builds

Issue in Windows 10 Build 10130 prevents detection of new preview builds

After all the confusion about Windows 10 upgrades over this past weekend things have been very quiet on the Ring Master front.

Many times over the course of the development of Windows 10 we have attempted to infer certain outcomes/actions around build releases based on the Twitter presence and activity of Gabe Aul.

He has been quiet for the last 18 hours as of this articles posting. It has also been over three weeks since Microsoft released the last build of Windows 10, 10130, to Windows Insiders.

With the availability date of Windows 10 just over a month away time is getting tight to close out the development of Windows 10 so it can go RTM and be prepared for its arrival to Windows 7 and 8.1 users on 29 July 2015.

I wrote last week that I believed Microsoft had just two more builds of Windows 10 to provide to Insiders before that happens.

Over on social media many of us thought that new build would come out late last week or even early this week but it is yet to materialize.

Could it have been delayed because of all the blogging and editing that occurred to try and set things right concerning who gets Windows 10 for free?


However, it now appears that an issue with Windows 10 Build 10130 being unable to scan with Windows Update and recognize a new build of Windows 10 might be the cause of the delay.

Today Microsoft released KB3070677 on Windows Update to address this very issue.

Windows Update might not detect new builds on Core Editions of Windows 10 Insider Preview

Symptoms Consider the following scenario:

  • You install a Core Edition of Windows 10 Insider Preview.
  • You are running Build 10130 of this Core Edition of Windows 10 Insider Preview.
  • There are new preview builds available for your current preview build settings.

In this scenario, when you scan for new preview builds, Windows Update does not detect the available preview builds.

This update will resolve the issue and allow Microsoft to push the publish button on the next Windows Insider Fast Ring build.

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