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Introducing the Windows XP "Luna" User Interface

EXCLUSIVE: The gorgeous new Windows Media Player 8
(WMP8) integrates with the new "Whistler" look and feel.

EXCLUSIVE: When you rip CDs to the hard drive with WMP8, Windows XP automatically applies CD album art to the
containing folders. Nice!

The Windows XP logon screen is absolutely beautiful, with graphical representations of each user.

The new Start menu includes all the options you'll need, eliminating the need for a cluttered desktop.

The My Pictures folder is now a top-level item in the shell, offering a variety of image-related tasks.

In Windows XP, it's finally possible to print directly from the shell.

Even the logo has been refined for Windows XP.

The Windows XP Preview: Live from EMP in Seattle!

EXCLUSIVE: The Space Needle was adorned with the new Windows XP flag.

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates introduces Windows XP.

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect.

EXCLUSIVE: The new Windows XP logon screen.

EXCLUSIVE: The new Windows Media Player 8, featuring a Home Edition skin, and IE 6.0, which is integrated with the Luna user interface.

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