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Internet Explorer Market Share: February 2011

Microsoft blogged about its February 2011 browser market share this week. Highlights include:

  • IE increased in share this month by 0.78% across all OSes and saw an increase of 0.86% on Windows.

  • IE9 has now reached 0.66% market share across all Windows operating systems – even more impressive is that IE9 already has over 2% share on Windows 7.

  • IE9 RC has already seen over 11 million downloads, meaning since its release last Sept, IE9 has been downloaded over 36 million times (inclusive of IE9 Beta and RC downloads).

Put another way, share in both IE 8 and IE 9 grew in February. What's interesting to me is the year-over-year trend: IE up, Firefox down.

Figures are courtesy of the market trackers at Net Applications.
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