The Intel RealSense F200 Developers Kit Camera works on AMD systems

The Intel RealSense F200 Developers Kit Camera works on AMD systems

As a tech person I read release notes on a regular basis and some companies still provide details about what has been updated and fixed in these documents.

One set of release notes I read earlier today were those accompanying the new Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager (DCM) software that was updated yesterday and fixed an issue with slow recovery from sleep mode and hibernation.

After that article went live one of our regular commenters asked about the Intel only requirement for running the camera and I repeated in my answer exactly what the release notes state:

4th generation (code named Haswell ) i3, i5, i7 or later Intel® Core™ processor

This has been good enough for me ever since Windows 10 and the DCM software were updated to use the camera for Windows Hello.

Today I decided to go ahead and plug the camera into a USB 3.0 port and install the updated DCM software to see if it will work on my AMD based home built system.

To my surprise it works although there are a couple of quirks with the setup.

First the camera it uses during setup is not the RGB, like it does on an Intel based system, but the Infared camera. That is why the setup image looks a little strange below.

Windows Hello on AMD

Second - the F200 camera wakes up and the device lights turn on after coming out of sleep but it does not see me no matter how close I get to the camera. I then have to login using another method such as PIN, password or fingerprint. If the machine locks after that point it will recognize me just fine. It also works correctly after a reboot.

The issue coming out of sleep may very well be related to being on an AMD system but it is nice to now be using this method for logging into my daily driver 95% of the time until something better comes along hardware wise.

Update: Further testing shows the camera does work coming out of sleep more consistently now. Nothing on the system has changed - just seems more reliable.

Just in case you are curious this AMD system has 16GB of RAM and uses the AMD FX-6350 (six core processor).

If any of you have the Creative F200 camera have you tried it on an AMD system yet?

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