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Import Your HERE Maps Favorite Places into Windows 10 Maps

Import Your HERE Maps Favorite Places into Windows 10 Maps

For Windows Phone users, HERE Maps was a mainstay for direction and navigation. In March, the company behind the HERE Maps decided to stop producing updates for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. As of March 29, 2016, the HERE Maps app was removed from the Windows 10 store. The company provided a workaround for Windows 10 devices, but that workaround expired on June 30, 2016.

Microsoft has since bolstered and improved its own Maps app for Windows 10 and there’s very little difference between the HERE Maps offerings and Microsoft’s own – except when it comes to those “Favorite Places” that have been accumulated over time.

Fortunately, a French .NET developer, Jérôme MÉVEL, has put together a solution. The solution, presented as a 4-step process on a web page, involves logging into the HERE Maps account, generating a script, and importing back into the new Maps app.

You can find the walkthrough on the web site:

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