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HTC Titan to Debut on AT&T Wireless on November 20

So it looks like "coming soon" is indeed soon: AT&T revealed today, via its Facebook page of all places, that the HTC Titan, which sports a mammoth 4.7-inch screen but an incredibly thin form factor, will debut on November 20, just 11 days from now.

"Debuting as the largest screen in our smartphone portfolio at 4.7 inches, the HTC TITAN will be available on 11/20 for $199.99," post notes. "2-year contract & minimum $15 per month data plan required."

The HTC Titan is further differentiated by being the one handset in the Windows Phone lineup that has a camera that can rival the Apple iPhone 4S. For this reason, I'll be buying one for myself.

I previously posted some hero shots of HTC's Windows Phone 7.5 lineup, which of course includes the Titan.

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