How To: Test Cortana in International Markets

How To: Test Cortana in International Markets

This is a tip that works, but not one I'd recommend sticking with but only to test Cortana functionality.

With the release of the public Windows 10 upgrade, comes the much sought after feature, Cortana. Cortana, of course, is the personal assistant that was introduced in Windows 8.1 and has now been given permanent residence in Windows 10 desktop. Cortana is powerful, intuitive, understands your voice, and is a hugely valuable resource for organizing your day, your thoughts, and your life. On release, though, Cortana's expanse was limited to a few countries, for everyone else Cortana is non-functional.

However, by altering the computer region, even those without immediate Cortana support can take her for a spin.

To do it:

  1. Go to All SettingsTime & Language and then choose Region & Language.

  2. Change the Country or Region to United States.

You'll want to set this back to your own region after giving Cortana a good test, as certain local region settings may not work properly until you do.

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