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How To: Reset Your PIN or Password Via The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Lock Screen


It has happened to all of us - a forgotten password or PIN - and on past versions of Windows if you did not have a Password Reset Disk there was very few options to unlock your account on that device.

Well it appears a change is in the works, it was spotted recently by several tech blogs, for the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, currently being tested under the code name Redstone 3, that will enable users to reset their PIN and password via the Lock Screen. That means no Password Reset Disk required ahead of time so let's hope this change sticks for the final release which is expected in the September timeframe.

I fired up my Windows 10 Home VM that is running Build 16237, the latest fast ring build for testers, and ran through the reset process for both my PIN and password and this gallery will show you all the steps in those two processes.

If you have not started using Two-Factor Authentication with your Microsoft Account then now is the time to get that setup and working because you will be required to use a second factor to confirm your identity for this process. It will also be very helpful to designate an alternate email address for each account in case that is needed.

Last week everyone's hackles were up because of the delay of the Windows Timeline & Cloud-Powered Clipboard features for the Fall Creators Update. However, small enhancements like this, which make the OS more user friendly for things like password/PIN resets, make a big difference and I am glad to see a tweak like this one being tested.

How many times have you wished for a Password Reset Disk in the past?


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