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How To: Quickly Open Internet Explorer Pages in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

How To: Quickly Open Internet Explorer Pages in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser that comes with Windows 10. Internet Explorer is still there, but Microsoft has spent an enormous amount of development on this new Internet browser, hence, Edge gets all the limelight. The icon for Edge is shown directly on the Windows 10 task bar and Internet Explorer has been shoved deep into a Windows Accessories folder in the Apps section of the Start Menu.

Microsoft Edge uses a new rendering engine to help you get the most out of modern webpages and also provides some blazing surfing speeds. So, you'll definitely want to use it. However, there will be instances where some pages will not show correctly in Edge. In this case, you might actually need to dust off Internet Explorer. But, not to worry – Microsoft thought of that.

If a page doesn’t look quite right in Microsoft Edge, you can open the same page with Internet Explorer just by clicking or tapping the More actions icon in Edge (the ellipses at the top right) and then select Open with Internet Explorer.

Eventually, Edge will edge Internet Explorer out completely. Windows 10 provides Microsoft with telemetry data to allow it to focus on fixes and updates to improve the overall experience. Over time Internet Explorer will become just a bad memory and Edge will be capable of supplying all your web surfing needs.

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