How To: Open Windows 10 Settings Using Shell Commands

How To: Open Windows 10 Settings Using Shell Commands

I've been covering the Shell commands for Windows 10 a lot recently. Some of these are more for fun than anything else, but some of them can be extremely useful, particularly when using them allows you to perform common actions that aren't quite baked into Windows 10 yet or are harder to find than they should be.

Up to now, I've talked about the actual Shell, shell command. But, really anything that is recognized and run by invoking the Windows shell (the underlying Explorer component) is considered a shell command.

You invoke them all by right-clicking on the Windows 10 Start button, choosing Run, typing in the appropriate command, and clicking OK.

Here's a list of commands recognized by the Windows 10 shell that will open directly to specific Windows 10 settings pages.


Did I miss any?  Let me know.

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