How To Mute Specific Cortana News Sources

How To Mute Specific Cortana News Sources

Recently Microsoft added a new feature to their Cortana digital assistant that allows you to tweak the sources used in Cortana's personalized news feed on your devices.

Cortana has always been very customizable and had the ability that allowed you to pick the broad categories such as news, sports and technology headlines you got through Cortana but until recently you did not have any control over the specific sources those headlines were being pulled from.

Many of us obviously have very personalized tastes when it comes to the type of sites we prefer for our news items and this recent tweak now allows us full control over those sources.

Since Cortana is a cloud based service for our various Windows 10 devices any changes made are synched across all of the computers that we use Cortana on - it does not matter where those changes are made.

In order to remove a news source in any eligible category on Cortana just tap on the ellipsis menu on the right side of the news card to open the inline editing options. Alongside of each entry you will see a Mute site icon to the right side of the entry. Just tap that to remove that news source.

Removing Cortana News Sources Removing Cortana News Sources

As you can see above there is a link to undo this action but it disappears in just a couple of seconds however, you can adjust removed sources by editing your Notebook in Cortana.

Here is what that settings screen looks like on Windows 10 PCs but you will of course find these same settings on Windows 10 mobile devices.

Editing News Sources in Cortana Notebook

Editing News Sources in Cortana Notebook

The capability to fine tune the information that Cortana provides is a key feature and critically important to its use as a personal digital assistant.

This tweak is on the mark towards that goal and I look forward to seeing more options like this continue to be added to the service.

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