How To Manage Backups on Windows 10 Mobile


Note: This was a how to I did last December. However, the next major update of Windows 10 is arriving in less than a month, so it is a good time to make sure everyone is backing up their Windows 10 mobile devices before the Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives.


There's one key thing when it comes to backups - you never want to realize you need a back up when you actually need a backup.

Luckily, Windows 10 Mobile makes it very easy to backup your photos and text messages to OneDrive -- plus there is a separate backup option for saving the settings for your mobile operating system and installed apps.

Windows 10 Mobile also gives easy access to OneDrive to manage those setting backups. By default, the settings backup option is turned on by default, and if it is well managed the backup takes up very little space on your OneDrive cloud storage account.

This gallery is a quick walk through of the backup and management process for the settings on Windows 10 Mobile.


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