How To: Hide Windows and Driver Updates on Windows 10


If you are running Windows 10 Home you have no option to turn off Automatic Updates for the operating system. If you choose to use Windows 10 Professional there are options to Defer Updates but it is not a process that allows you to avoid updates forever - it actually gives you about four months.

Microsoft has released a tool that will allow you to hide some of the updates and drivers from Windows Update if they are causing you issues after their installation. This troubleshooter will walk you through hiding those updates and prevent them from reinstalling automatically. You can use this same tool to unhide those patches once they have been updated by Microsoft.

The information page for the download does not contain any information about how long the patches will remain hidden but I suspect it is not a tool to hide them forever. I also suspect this troubleshooter is not going to allow every patch for Windows 10 to be blocked as that would be counter to Microsoft's automatic updates for Windows 10 Home users.

Ultimately, this is meant as a troubleshooter for temporary issues and you should unhide updates once Microsoft remedies the issue with them.

This gallery will give you an idea of what the troubleshooting wizard looks like when it is in use.


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