How To: Easily Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

How To: Easily Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

If you're waking up to a Windows 10 Home edition every morning since your upgrade and wondering if there might be something more, Microsoft makes it pretty easy to upgrade Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 10 Pro.

Of course, this comes at a cost. It's not free like the Windows 10 upgrade. The Windows 10 Pro Pack is $99.99, but offers the following differences…

If you're strictly a home user, most of these additional features won't matter. However, if you'd like to do things like connect your own Windows 10 computer to your company's network or access your PC remotely, the cost might be worth it.

If you want the additional features, here's how to upgrade directly in Windows 10…

  1. Open up All Settings and tap or click the Update & Security component.

  2. In Update & Security, drop down to the Activation section on the left and tap or click the "Go to Store" option.

  3. You'll be whisked straight away to the Windows Store app and land directly on the page that provides quick access to purchasing the Windows 10 Pro Pack.


$99 later and the upgrade starts. The upgrade that downloads is not like the original Windows 10 upgrade. Its much smaller and takes a lot less time.

Here you can also enter your Windows 10 Pro product key if you obtained it through other means.


Not sure which version of Windows 10 your running? When the Windows 10 upgrade is performed, it automatically detects the version your PC is running and installs the same edition. You can locate your edition by going to All Settings > System > About.

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