How to download recovery images for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

How to download recovery images for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

There is a lot of buzz on social media about the arrival of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 this week and, while the majority of the buzz is positive, there are some users experiencing issues with the new hardware such as screen flickering and random lock ups.

We know that Microsoft released new firmware for both devices less than 24 hours after their initial availability, you can see what was addressed and in those updates from Rod, and there are also new guides available for download from Microsoft to help those same users learn their way around the new devices.

However, what are you to do if there are larger issues and you need to reset the system back to a pristine state, recover a non booting system or can not access the Reset tools on the OS itself?

Luckily, Microsoft Surface support now provides links to Surface recovery images for the new devices and their predecessors all the way back to Surface RT.

Here is who you download those images and get them ready to use or have as a backup.

NOTE: You must either register your device to access the recovery image download or provide the systems serial number during this process.

  1. Browse to the Download a recovery image for your Surface page.
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft Account.
  3. Select your product and provide serial number of your device if it is not already registered against your MSA.
  4. Download the recovery image and save it to your Surface or another PC.
  5. Create the Recovery Drive following the on screen instructions for prepping the FAT32 USB drive.
  6. Use the Recovery Drive to refresh or reset your Surface.

Microsoft has full step by step instructions for using your freshly minted Surface USB Recovery Drive to restore your system.

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