How do I migrate printers from one Windows server to another?

A. Try downloading Microsoft’s Print Migrator 3.1 utility. After the download, you can run the tool to display a list of printers, drivers, ports, processors, and monitors on the local server.

From the tool’s Action menu, select Backup. Enter a name for the backup file, and ensure that the target server is blank so that the wizard backs up the local server’s print information. The tool writes a log to %systemroot%\system32\spool\pm\pm.log. After the backup is complete, you can import the backup file on the destination server.

Start Printer Migrator on the destination server (or run it remotely by specifying a target server), and select Restore from the Action menu. Select the backup file that you created, and click Open.

After the restore is complete, Printer Migrator’s information pane should show all the printers, drivers, and so on. The printers and shares should also now appear within the normal Control Panel Printers applet.

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