How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10


Much has been made over the last few weeks about user choices when it comes to selecting your preferred browser on Windows 10 and we showed you how you can select your own browser choice as the system default very easily.

Well if you would prefer to use the new Microsoft Edge browser but would like to use a different search engine as your default when using it for address bar searches then that can also be customized.

Just a couple of caveats before you begin this search engine customization in Microsoft Edge. 

Make sure you have visited your preferred search engine in the Edge browser before following these steps. That will ensure it shows up in the settings as an option to be selected as the current version of Microsoft Edge does not allow you to manually enter your search engine. It is selected from sites you have previously browsed.

This change also does not impact which search engine Cortana uses from taskbar based searches. If you currently want those results from a search engine other than Bing then you need to choose a different default web browser and choose your search engine in that program.


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