How To: Adjust Cortana's Settings in Windows 10

How To: Adjust Cortana's Settings in Windows 10

As described in an earlier article, Cortana is the personal assistant for your Windows devices, giving you the ability to organize your life and locate information that is unique to you. Cortana is not turned on by default, so you'll need to enable Cortana to use her - How To: Enabling Cortana in Windows 10.

But, once you've enabled Cortana, you may want to adjust how she works. To do this:

  1. Open Cortana's Windows 10 panel.

  2. Tap or click the Settings icon.

Here you'll be able to modify things like:

  • Turn Cortana on or off. Turning Cortana off doesn't delete the information she's already captured for you. If you decide to turn her back on, the information will still be available.

  • Turn on or off whether you want Cortana to call you by name and even change the name she calls you.

  • Alter how Cortana automatically detects and tracks your information. Cortana uses a number of mechanisms, including sifting through your emails to find information about things such as trips, flights, and appointments.

  • Indicate whether Cortana should sit at the ready and listen for you to say "Hey Cortana." When this is turned on, Cortana is always ready and waiting for your voice commands to allow hands-free interaction. A PC or table microphone is required.

  • Additionally, beyond the first page of Cortana settings sits ways for managing your Bing search history (Cortana is powered by Bing), managing how Microsoft advertising works and other personalization information.

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