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How To Add Web Links and Images to Cortana Reminders


Ever want to set a reminder with Cortana about a website that you just came across while browsing the web or maybe a screenshot or other image?

You are in luck then as it appears Microsoft's personal digital assistant Cortana has gained that new ability in recent releases of Windows 10 Redstone 1, aka the Anniversary Update, builds on PC and Mobile devices.

In this latest updates, Cortana is now a share target from any app that can share URLs such as the Microsoft Edge browser and the Windows Store. Screenshots and other images can be shared as part of a Cortana reminder using the Photos app.

Third party apps that share links or handle images also appear to be capable of sending them to Cortana as part of creating a reminder.

This process is not unlike sharing a link to any other app on Windows 10 that is an eligible share target. You invoke it by choosing the share icon which opens up the Share selection list and then choose the app you want share the link/image with.

In this case you would look for the Cortana circle logo and the text Cortana Reminders on PCs and just the logo and words Cortana on mobile.

From that point forward creating the reminder is the same process for creating a standard reminder with Cortana so you select the reminder text and then the who, where and when of the reminder as applicable.

When the reminder pops up on your screen you will have a button to open the link you added or see the screenshot/image. Apparently the image can not be opened in a larger version beyond what you see in the reminder itself.

Also, it was my experience as I tested this out several times that the reminders were syncing between my Windows 10 laptop and my Lumia 950 very quickly. It was so quick that the reminders, set just two minutes into the future, were firing off on both devices. 

This gallery includes screenshots of creating a reminder using an image/screenshot or a website link on both PCs and mobile devices.


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