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How to add additional components using SCVMM SDN Express

\Q. I previously ran the VMM SDN Express to install the Network Controller, how can I now add the SLB MUX/Gateway?

A. The VMM SDN Express enables a single configuration file to be used to document all the desired configuration which is then used by an automated process to configure SCVMM and create the required VMs to host the various required roles such as the Network Controller, SLB MUX, Gateway. If during the initial deployment you only install the Network Controller (by setting the deployment to $false) for the other components then to add them at a later time is simply a matter of editing the file again, set the Network Controller deployment to $false (since it's already deployed) and the desired components to $true and then rerun. The process will now add the required components without reinstalling the Network Controller.

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