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Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11

Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11

This time it goes to 11

The Windows 8.1 update ships with Internet Explorer 11, an evolutionary update to the web browser that shipped with the initial versions of Windows 8 and RT. Here’s what’s new in the Modern version of this web browser.

Favorites. In Windows 8/RT, the Metro version of IE downplayed Favorites with the assumption that users would simply pin favorite sites to their Start screen. In Windows 8.1, Favorites makes a big comeback, via a new Favorites interface that is accessible from the app bar.

Side-by-side tabs. Now, you can browse tabs side-by-side in IE 11: Simply snap IE and then right-click a link, Favorite or whatever and choose Open in New Window. And with high res displays, you can display three, four, or more tabs side by side.

Unlimited tabs. Where IE 10 is limited to having just 10 tabs open a a time, IE 11 supports unlimited open tabs.

Sync between PCs and devices. With IE 11, your history, Favorites, open tabs, and settings are synced across all of your Windows 8.1 PCs through your Microsoft account.

Better security. Internet Explorer 11 now scans binary extensions like ActiveX before they load, using the built-in antimalware engine.

Performance improvements. Pages load faster and you can now switch between tabs faster, according to Microsoft.

Developer tools. The desktop version of IE 11 features completely redesigned developer tools that “help you test across devices, browsers, and even Windows Store apps,” Microsoft says.

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