Hands On with Windows 10 Refresh Tool


As part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that is due out in July, Microsoft has begun testing a new utility called the Windows 10 Refresh Tool.

I just wrote about the concept behind the new tool and how it will help users rid their OEM systems of the typical bloatware that comes pre-installed on brand new devices.

It had become so bad that Microsoft created their Signature Edition PCs from the Microsoft Store in order to give consumers an option to purchase their system with just Windows installed on it and none of the extra junk.

Now, with the upcoming Windows 10 Refresh Tool, users will be able to give themselves the same clean install makeover in a very straightforward process that does not require the user to search for and download an ISO, create installation media and then begin the install process.

For advanced users the Media Creation Tool will still be a very valuable resource for keeping the latest version of Windows 10 on a USB flash drive or DVD for future use however, the Windows 10 Refresh Tool is going to be pretty easy for less advanced users to use.

I just ran through using the Windows 10 Refresh Tool on my HP Spectre x360, which was running Windows 10 Build 14367 that was just released last night, just to see how the process works.

After the install was complete I was on Windows 10 Build 14342 and had to re-enroll in the Windows Insider Fast Ring. Also, the Windows.old directory was on my hard drives root directory but there was no option in ​Settings > Update & security > Recover​ to go back to my previous build.

I suspect this is just for the testing phase of this tool and the retail experience might eliminate the Windows.old directory once there is no need to revert the clean install.

Of course, we plan to follow up on this with a review and hands on of the feature during all of our upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Edition coverage.

The screenshots will take you through the various screens you will see and which ones require any action on your part.



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