Hands On: Windows 10 Redstone 3 PC Build 16184 and Windows 10 Feature 2 Mobile Build 15208


"Windows 10 is not dead." - Jason Howard, Microsoft, Member of Windows Insider Team

Something tells me that this could be the most quoted statement to come out of today's inaugural live webcast by the Windows Insider team at Microsoft.

The webcast was hosted on Beam which is of course one of Microsoft's recent acquisitions and the introduction of a project build of a powerhouse PC nicknamed The Beam Machine. In fact, you can read the history of the build and see lots of images from the process over on the official Windows blog.

So the 90 minute stream consisted of a briefing about the PC build itself and then information about Microsoft's development cycle for Windows and how everything fits together. Note: You can watch the on-demand version of the stream for the next 14 days on their Windows Insider Beam channel.

However, things got very interesting about 30 minutes into the live stream when members of the Windows Insider team went rogue and used Dona Sarkar's infamous red button to release new PC and Mobile builds to testers.

Windows Insider Team Members Going Rogue

Members of the Windows Insider Team Going Rogue with the Red Button to Release New PC and Mobile Builds to Testers

Actually, the way this week went with no build releases, many of us were quite confident a new build would get pushed out today during the first ever Windows Insider Live Stream and that is exactly what happened.

The Redstone 3 development branch for PC received its fourth build and the Feature 2 branch for Mobile also saw its fourth overall build released.

According to the release notes from Microsoft, the mobile build has some fixes and and a handful of known issues but the PC build includes the My People feature that was dropped in January from the Creators Update.

Actually, I did notice a new sharing dialog that was in Windows 10 Mobile Build when i was moving an image from my Lumia 950 to OneDrive. You will also see that this includes the new Sharing Icon.

Windows 10 Mobile Sharing Dialog

This is its first availability of My People to testers as it was never shipped in a preview build during Redstone 2 testing.

It is new and not everything will be working properly but too see this highly touted feature in early builds of Redstone 3 should give it plenty of development time to be a key feature in the Redstone 3 update for Windows 10 which is expected in September of this year.

The gallery will show you many of the dialogs and interactions you can currently have with the My People feature in this latest build and of course we will be watching for it to become more refined over the next few builds.


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