Hands On: Windows 10 Redstone 3 Build 16226


Tis week Microsoft released new fast Ring builds to Windows Insiders testing Redstone 3 and Feature 2, aka the Fall Creators Update, for both mobile and PCs based devices respectively.

On Windows 10 Mobile, Build 15226 continues the steady pace of fixes and tweaks with no new features added to the Feature 2 branch. This of course continues to frustrate mobile users who are looking for feature rich builds but it is just the reality of that branch right now.

The desktop builds we are seeing in the Redstone 3 branch are a very different story - especially as we have had a couple of very large gaps between these last three builds. When Build 16215 was released on 08 June it had been 23 days since the previous build was pushed out and 16215 was a massive update. Then, with yesterday's release of Build 16226, there was a 13 day gap between builds and once again - this build is also chock full of new updates.

You can run through the this gallery to see some of the enhancements that have been added for this latest build including new Microsoft Edge management features, a context menu addition for directly sharing files using the Windows 10 Share Dialog, and the ability to use Cortana to look up information from right inside of your ePub books.

You will also see new emoji and use features like emoji search, Storage Sense tweaks to immediately remove old versions of Windows to free up space on your device, and a new Windows Settings page in the Gaming category that lets you test and troubleshoot Xbox Live connectivity right from your Windows 10 device.

The upgrade process from 16215 to 16226 allowed me to really pay attention to new features that were added in 16215 that show the progress of Windows 10 Updates differently. Here are a few shots to show what those changes look like:

Windows Update in Windows 10 Build 16215

I like how this is much clearer and distinct about the progress of each individual update instead of everything being jumbled up in this dialog.

Unfortunately, it also appears that the upgrade from 16215 to 16226 has introduced a very strange folder/thumbnail bug for my image directories on OneDrive.

The default view of a folder with images inside of it is to show the folder with the thumbnails stacked in the folder. Here is an example:

File Explorer Folder and Thumbnail View

However, after getting 16226 up and running, that same set of folders with images now looks like this:

File Explorer Folder and Thumbnail View in Build 16226

As you can see the folders appear to be single thumbnail based images in the view. Of course, below what appears to be one image is a folder full of that image and others.

The only difference between these two screenshots is that the first one, that is working as expected, is stored on my Desktop only while the second one is in my OneDrive folder.

I suspect this is a bug or regression of some kind relating to OneDrive and maybe the new Files on Demand feature that was made available last week. I have replicated this on at least one of the Virtual Machines I test with Insider builds.

Are you seeing this as well? I have created a bug report in the Feedback Hub for this so please upvote that if you are also experiencing it on your 16226 device.

Update: Microsoft just confirmed that they have been able to reproduce this bug on Build 16226. I suspect that means a fix will be in the next build or maybe through a OneDrive Sync client update. 

Let us know how your latest build experience is going in the comments below.


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