Hands on with Windows 10 Build 10565: What's new and improved


The release of Windows 10 Build 10565 this week introduces several fixes, fit and finish elements in the UI and a couple of new features.

I have been poking around in this new build over the last 24 hours and have put together this gallery to show you some of those updates.

The overall feel of the update is quite solid so stability seems to be coming together as these builds get closer to the release of the Threshold 2 (TH2) update expected next month. With all the variations in the Windows 10 experience for different users, stability is going to be very important in cutting down on that wide range of experiences.

Fit and finish also have a lot of impact on how someone using the OS feels about the experience. When an operating system looks good and has a clean user experience then the users are going to appreciate that event through it does not impact performance. This update provides a lot of that type of visual improvements to Windows 10.

Feature wise it is good to see some highlight requested items make their way into Microsoft's Edge browser on Windows 10. Tab previews are now available as you hover on each tab in the Microsoft Edge window however, they are still not available when you place your mouse over the Microsoft Edge taskbar icon. 

Also turned on in this build is the beginnings of the capability to sync Microsoft Edge Favorites and Reading List items. Right now it is a single switch - Syncing On or Off - but it is a beginning. I am currently installing Windows 10 Build 10565 on my HP Stream 7 so that I can test this feature as it does not appear to be compatible with Microsoft Edge in other builds of Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge also now has a toolbar when viewing/working with PDF files in the browser.

Cortana picked up the ability to recognize inked notes to help you set reminders - I tested this on the HP Spectre x360 that I am running the new build on and it is nifty. I imagine this will be very handy for a pure tablet device like Surface when someone uses a pen regularly on the device.

Overall this feels like a solid update to the TH2 branch and it actually has me very tempted to upgrade a production device to gain access to some of these features. For now I have maintained control of the desire to jump into the Fast Ring on that device but the itch is very, very strong.

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