Hands On with updated Official Twitter app for Windows 10


You may recall that when Windows 10 was released on 29 July a big deal was made about the release of an official Twitter app for Windows 10.

That app, while a good update from the previous Windows Store version of the Twitter app, left some features off the table such as the new quoted tweet format and List support.

Over this past weekend a new update was released for this official Windows 10 Twitter app and it has addressed, at some level, the two shortfalls mentioned above. However, there are still some areas that it fails to provide Windows users the same experience that is standard in other version of the official app on platforms such as iOS and Android.

One of those areas is a shortfall in List support as there is no way to create or manage your Lists.  Videos and GIFs also do not auto-play in your timeline feed and have to be opened in a different app window to play.  I guess that could actually be considered a feature since in the official apps on other platforms and the web they auto-play by default and must be turned off.

It would also be nice if the app supported pasting images into a composition screen from the clipboard like Tweetium for Windows. Makes sharing screenshots so much easier.

One new feature many will appreciate is the ability to finally have multiple Twitter accounts in the app.

Take a walk through the updated app in this Hands On gallery for further details about the app.

Note: These images are from the app running on an HP Stream 7 in portrait mode.




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