Hands On - Official Amazon Assistant Extension for Microsoft Edge


Although there are a lot of new features coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, one that just might have users the most excited is the addition of extensions to the Microsoft Edge browser.

I currently test Windows 10 Fast Ring builds on a Surface Book and an HP Spectre x360 and so I have grown very accustomed to having key extensions on those devices for several weeks now.

In fact, I have gotten so used to having them that the temptation to upgrade my main desktop and podcasting machines has been a constant itch that I have ignored so far. I am looking forward to having extensions on all of my Windows 10 desktops and tablets after the Anniversary Update is released on 02 August.

I currently use the LastPass and Adblock extensions with Microsoft Edge daily but now we have a brand new addition that became available this week alongside Windows 10 Build 14388.

The Amazon Assistant extension provides easy access to your Amazon account and provides the following features:

  • Deal of the Day: Never miss a deal. Assistant delivers the best deals every day.
  • Product Comparison: Keep an eye out for product and price comparisons that can save time and money.
  • Universal Wish List: Save products from any website with the Wish List tab.
  • Shortcuts: Save time. Assistant gives you shortcuts to popular Amazon destinations right in your browser.

Now I have become very adept at typing amazon.com into my browser but having an alert for the Daily Deal will be pretty handy as I have missed a few good ones on occasion.

Amazon recently pulled their Windows mobile app from the platform with no information about a replacement any time soon but it is a good sign to see them addressing the lack of the Amazon Assistant on Windows 10's Edge browser.

This gallery will show you the install, setup and demo of the Amazon Assistant in Microsoft Edge.


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