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Hands On: Lenovo Companion App with the Miix-720


Like many OEMs Lenovo includes their own customized program on their consumer hardware called the Lenovo Companion.

This software helps the end user keep their device updated with the latest system drivers from Lenovo and provides quick access to knowledge base and informational articles from the companies support site.

For those of us who do this stuff for a living and are constantly tweaking our gear, we might not need a piece of software like this because we now how to go search the manufacturers support site for drivers and technical articles.

However, for an everyday user, a tool like this can make that process much easier by linking to those things right within the software.

Lenovo Companion has the following areas available within the app:

-- System Update
-- Support
​-- System Health
​-- What's New
-- Discover
​-- Lenovo Rewards

Each of these pages are very verbose and provide instructional/assistance information to help a new user navigate the app.

From the Home tab you can access all of these areas plus a shortcut to all three Lenovo Apps which includes Companion, App Explorer, Connect2, and Lenovo Settings.

Drilling down specifically into the System Update area you will find that this area focuses on Lenovo related updates and not Windows Updates that are located in the Windows Settings App in Windows 10.

You have an option to turn auto updates on or off for Lenovo critical updates and recommended driver updates for updates they release. These settings do not change anything in Windows Update itself.


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