Hands On: Customizing Themes in the Windows 10 Creators Update


Earlier today we highlighted the 174 themes that are now available in the Windows Store for systems running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

These themes provide a ton of options for customizing your system and can either be used stock as they come from the Windows Store of you can create your own collection of images and then save that customized theme on your local device.

Each theme has four key areas that can be modified to your preferences:

-- Background

-- Color

-- Sounds

-- Mouse cursor

This gallery will show you what those options look like along with my biggest recommendation - experiment with these settings and see what works for you - once you have everything where you want it you can then save that theme.

You can even take your own images, use them for a theme, adjust the other elements mentioned above and then save all of that as a custom theme with a unique name.

Just for a bit of history when it comes to all of these themes - they were not all just created for Windows 10 at one time. Many of these themes were created back in the days when Windows 7 was the latest version of Microsoft's operating system and were just brought up to date so they worked with Windows 10 and subsequently were made available for in the Creators Update.

As you scroll through the 174 themes that are currently in the Windows Store for those labeled as Community or  Community Showcase themes. Those are unique because they are created from images that were submitted to Microsoft from the community to fit an announced theme. The staff at Microsoft would then select the images that would make up the final collection in that theme and then it was made available to all Windows 7 users.

I was even able to have a couple of my images selected for community themes and here are two of those shots and their respective themes:

Flora Theme Image by Richard Hay

Image from the Community Showcase Flora 2 Windows 10 Theme

Insect Image in Theme by Richard Hay

Image from the Community Showcase Insects 2 Windows 10 Theme


But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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