Gibson Research Tries Its Hand at Stopping Windows 10 Upgrades

Gibson Research Tries Its Hand at Stopping Windows 10 Upgrades

If you’ve been around this industry for as long as I have, you’ll remember Steve Gibson clearly – maybe not fondly, but definitely clearly. Steve created a popular application called Spinrite around the time Seagate MFM hard drives were the only type of hard drive available. Spinrite was used to perform diagnostics on those old hard drives, but in my experience destroyed more drives than it saved. As a PC technician from that era, I remember allowing Spinrite to run for hours upon hours and the heat emanating from the hard drive could warm a small village. Still the application has its place in history.

If you’re one of those Windows or Windows 8.1 users who have complained about Microsoft’s on-again, off-again Windows 10 upgrade reminders, Gibson Research is offering a new application, called Never10, that is intended to keep Windows 10 off your system until you actually want it. Never10 doesn’t install anything, it just runs to make a few quick changes to the system required to keep the upgrade from happening.

Never10 is available as a free download here: Never10

Incidentally, it appears the Gibson Research web site stands as a memorial to the old days, as it seems the web site still sports a very 1980’s look and feel.

EXTRA: Another popular tool to block the Windows 10 upgrades is the GWX Control Panel.

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