Get Your Free Public Beta of Affinity for Windows

Get Your Free Public Beta of Affinity for Windows

Committed photo and digital image editors and Windows users, you have an new option for refining your photos. Affinity Photo is now offering a free public beta of its software for Windows users. Go here to sign up for the beta. If users like the beta, they'll be able to pay a one-off price of $50 for the software, with the price covering all future updates.

Features available in the beta include:

  • Advanced HDR merge producing full 32-bit linear color space images
  • Focus stacking to bring depth to multiple combined images
  • Batch processing for smoother, faster workflow
  • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images

The company explained its ability to port its software to the Windows platform:

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, said, “When we started developing our Affinity apps nearly seven years ago one of the key aims was to be cross-platform, so this is a huge milestone for us. Because we did plan this from the beginning we made nearly all of our back-end code – the core engine of Affinity, if you like – completely operating system independent.

“This not only means that file compatibility between the two platforms is 100% perfect, but all the power, performance, tools and accuracy which have really set us apart on Mac are there for Windows users to enjoy now too.”

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