Gallery: Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10149


When we shared a handful of leaked screenshots from Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 earlier today we had no way of knowing that the same build would be officially released to Windows Insiders.

Late on Thursday afternoon that is exactly what happened and now we have a much fuller gallery of screenshots for you to peruse.

Just from collecting these screenshots together I can already tell that this build is well beyond 10136, which was released 9 days ago, in the performance category.  The significant lag when tapping a tile and opening the app is gone now thankfully.

This build does still have some issues but with the improved performance alone might be enough to push this towards daily driver status.

I did have one weird thing happen though after the install. All of the tile icons in the Action Center were flashing and would not respond to any input.  After a reboot they all cleared adn began working except for the Quiet Hours tile.  I then went into my Cortana Notebook and turned on Quiet Hours but it was still flashing.

I tried one last reboot of the phone and it remains flashing and unusable so more troubleshooting is required.

The overall fit and finish has continued to feel and look smoother as well.




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