Gallery: Windows 10 build 10134 Screenhots


Another week and another leaked build of Windows 10.

This time it is build 10134 - just a few iterations after last week's release of build 10130 to Windows Insiders.

While Microsoft has already indicated they are feature complete there are still some little tweaks within different areas that continue as they head towards RTM in a few weeks.

One of my favorite and most used tools on Windows these days is the Snipping Tool.  It is very handy for grabbing quick screenshots or snips of what is on screen.  Comes in handy when you write about tech each day.

One area it could never catch a snip of are those menus that disappear as soon as you click anywhere else on screen - typically the Right Click Context Menu falls into this category.

Well this build has an updated Snipping Tool that has added a Delay option which can be set for up to five seconds. Once activated you then quickly go right click somewhere and wait for the capture to happen.

Pretty handy and a nice addition to a great tool.


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