Gallery: Windows 10 build 10122 Screenshots


Earlier today Microsoft made a new build of Windows 10 available to members of its Windows Insiders program.

Since this build, 10122, was only released to Fast Ring participants that means no ISO is available for clean installs.  The only way to get this new build is to upgrade from Windows 10 and have your updates set to the Fast Ring.

You can read about the issues and fixes in this build and one very bold statement by the Ring Master Gabe Aul about this build being a daily driver now.

He also shared that we will likely not see any big feature additions from this point forward as they will now start focusing on the fit, finish and mashing bugs before RTM.

This is a good sign as it means we are getting closer to the expected summer RTM which was promised by Microsoft.

Some of the UI changes we saw in the last leaked build will now be part of this new build so not a lot of UI related updates in these screenshots.

I did run into one weird thing shortly after the new build started and the desktop was displayed. The taskbar showed some missing icons but after a couple of minutes they popped into place. I am guessing they were downloading/updating in the background. This happened on both of the upgrades UI have done so far today.

Let us know what you think of this latest build and if you ran into any upgrade issues.


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