Gallery: OneClip App for Windows 10


Microsoft is apparently working on all kinds of apps to sync your work across devices using the cloud. One of those apps, OneClip, leaked today and so I tried it out.

I was able to easily install it on two Windows 10 desktops and an HP Stream 7.  Pairing devices is accomplished through the generation of a unique number that is then entered on the other devices through the OneClip app.

Once they are paired then anything you copy into your clipboard is then shared via OneDrive to all of the other paired devices.  Did I mention it is very fast at this part?

In the OneClip app clips are organized into different categories such as:

  • Pinned
  • Websites
  • Images
  • Phone Numbers
  • Text
  • Addresses

You can also apparently sort items based on the device the info was clipped on.

This is a very neat program/service and since I am always bouncing between devices doing screenshots it will prove very helpful.

There are also apps for iOS, Android and yes - even Windows Phone.



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