Funky New Icons Still Await Windows 10 Testers

Funky New Icons Still Await Windows 10 Testers

Many have taken to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social venues to bash Microsoft on its Windows 10 desktop icon design decisions. Some have asked Microsoft to fire its design team right now before things get worse.  But, really if all there is to complain about is crazy new desktop icons in Windows 10, Microsoft is doing pretty well with its advances in developing its next client operating system.

New screenshots have leaked from a Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10022, and though the company hasn't yet toned down the icon representation, it has adjusted the interface a bit. The screenshots don't show any massive changes, just better continuity.

Here's a couple…

Desktop and Virtual Desktops

Control Panel and File Explorer

You can find all the new screenshots on the Russian Windows leaker web site:

Windows 10 Pro TP Build 10022

A new Technical Preview build is expected in days.


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