A Fresh Collection of our Windows 10 How-To Articles

A Fresh Collection of our Windows 10 How-To Articles

At the end of this month Windows 10 will begin the ninth month of its availability since the operating system was released to the public on 29 July 2015.

That initial build of Windows 10 was Version 1507 (OS Build 10240) and had a total of 15 Cumulative Updates released for it. Then in November 2015, Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586) was released and yesterday's update to build 10586.218 was the 10th Cumulative Update released for that version.

Although Windows 10 is now seeing monthly Cumulative Updates to address bugs, performance issues and stability the overall feature set for the OS remains pretty stable.

That means the collection of how-to articles and tips we have put together here at the SuperSite for Windows remains a great source for learning more about Windows 10.

So while we watch the Windows 10 Anniversary Update develop through builds released to Windows Insiders let's go back and highlight some of popular Windows 10 how to articles we have on the site.

How to: Set Up Fingerprint Login for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3

Here's how to successfully setup the Surface Pro 4 or 3 to work with the new Fingerprint ID Type Cover.

How-To: Save Windows 10 Screenshots to OneDrive by Default

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage makes it easy to save screenshots on your PCs to the cloud based service.

How-To: Use File History Backup in Windows 10

You never want to find out that you do not have a backup plan when you actually need a backup! File History in Windows 10 makes it easy.

How-To: Hide Action Center Notifications on Windows 10 Mobile Lock Screen

Some alerts in the Windows 10 Mobile Action Center can contain personal or private info0 even when they are only partially displayed. This How-To will show you how to keep those from appearing on your devices lock screen.

How-To: Create a Windows System Image for Windows 10 Devices

Sometimes hardware crashes and fails so having a system image of your current operating system can help speed up restoring your hardware.

How-To: Tap to Turn Off Screen on Windows 10 Mobile

While many Windows 10 Mobile users have lamented the removal of the popular Tap To Wake feature from the mobile OS, there is an option to tap and turn off your mobile devices screen that can be just as handy.

How-To: Remove Previous Windows Version in Windows 10 Settings App

Although the Disk Cleanup Tool can be used to remove past versions of Windows after an upgrade there is actually a more straightforward process built directly in the Settings App on Windows 10.

How-To: Adjust Notification Display Timing on Windows 10

You can adjust how long notifications are displayed on your Windows 10 device but the setting for this is not where you expect it to be.

How-to: Show Multiple Clocks and Time Zones in Windows 10

With so many people working remotely these days most need to keep track of what time it is in various time zones. Windows makes it easy to keep two additional clocks that are easily accessible through the System tray. Here is how to set them up.

How-To: Get a Detailed Battery Report in Windows 10

Get a detailed report on the status of the batteries on your Windows 10 device.


Seen or know of any good Windows 10 tips? Let us know about them in the comments below so everyone can share in your discovery.

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